APRIL 2024

If I’m honest, I feel I haven’t touched my feet to the ground in April due to a conflation of wonderful projects and a big house move. Flighty as the weather, one moment I was drawing Gail’s bakers with huge forearms, slapping down then gently rounding their dough and the next I was watching the resident chef at Vitsœ whipping up onglet on a Wednesday for the team of incredible furniture makers who I’d just been drawing.

But first and foremost, I’ve been painting, painting, painting in preparation for coming shows with Soho Revue and Partnership Editions.

A couple months ago I drew Slutty Cheff in her kitchen to accompany her story about fish pie & sex 🦐 Read Here! I greatly enjoyed watching her use a fork and sieve to mash potato until perfectly smooth, then an Ikea ziplock to expertly pipe it on the top of the pie.

From my studio wall (or floor)...

A detail from my big painting ‘I Paint what I Want to See’  which will be showing as part of Soho Revue’s group show Interior/Exterior opening on the 9th May & running until the 1st June.

My two paintings will sit alongside works by eight other artists including Jess Allen, Anthony Banks, Christina Lucia Giuffrida, Eddie Jones, Sammi Lynch, Anne Carney Raines, Grace Tobin and Eleanor May Watson in this show about memories held in spaces.

Would you rather?...with photographer and toast topping connoisseur Sophie Davidson

Would you rather dauphinoise or Jacket potato?
  When I was a child whenever the option was available I would order a jacket potato with coleslaw so I would stick with that. Now I have it at home with lots of butter and cheese as well as coleslaw, which should be very cheap coleslaw or Taste the Difference, nothing made at home or with red cabbage.

What recipe do you cook for your loved ones?  I make a Monty Don mustard chicken. You mix mustard, cream, lemon juice salt and pepper and spread it over the chicken, roast it and make a gravy with all the juice. It’s delicious! Then I serve it with Rebecca May Johnsons “bad news potatoes” or chips and salad. I recently learned a trick from a friend of heating the oil before you cook your oven chips and it’s been life changing. My friend gave me the Monty Don cook book and this is actually the only recipe I’ve cooked from it but I can’t help myself!! I could eat it all the time.

What do you cook when you’re sick?  I do not cook. I chug Orange Lucozade and order pho.

What are your top three toast toppings?
Butter and jam (mirabelle! Please!)
Peanut butter and marmite!